Directory of Christian Songs ‘ജീവ കിരണമായ്’ ‘Jeewa Kiranamay’. Christian Bhajan by Fr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI (1979)

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'ജീവ കിരണമായ്' 'Jeewa Kiranamay'. Cristian Bhajan by Fr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI (1979)

Call Number DCS 256 1
Title 'ജീവ കിരണമായ്' 'Jeewa Kiranamay'. Christian Bhajan by Fr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI (1979).
Duration 03m:43s
Place of Recording Bangalore
Date of Recording  
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From the first LP record of Christian Bhajans in Malayalam. Track 10. Deccan Records. LDEC 102 (1979)..

This chant's story is embedded in the history of a liturgical movement that Dharmaram College in Bengaluru spearheaded from 1964 to 1979. The staff and students attempted to inculturate the Christian faith by devising an "Indian liturgy" in Malayalam. The movement was part of celebrating Indian theology in worship. Accordingly, the liturgical vocabulary, rituals, and Indian classical music became the medium. Fr. Cherian Kunianthodath, CMI wrote the text of "Jeewa Kiranamay Vilangum" in 1966, to a melody in use in the Ramkrishna Ashram in Bengaluru. The song became a part of the thanksgiving meditation after Communion. The serene melody in the popular North Indian rag Darbari Kannada created a meditative mood. The song became popular among those who attended the "Indian liturgy."

In 1978, when I was choosing the bhajans for the LP, this chant was an easy choice. Prof. Pratapkumar J. Toliya made the music arrangement and conducted the recording at the H. M. V. studio at Gemini in Chennai (The Deccan Studio at Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, was not ready yet). Mr. George Thangiah, the Managing Director of Deccan Records, took a personal interest in the production of the Christian Bhajans LP. He made a surprise visit to Chennai on the second day of recording to give me moral support. Mr. Thangiah sat in the control room, next to Raghu, the famous sound recording engineer in Chennai, during this song's recording.

Reference: Aramaic Project-16

Fr. Joseph Palackal, CMI
New York
15 April 2021

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Evergreen devotional song

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